The town of Pomonal was named after the Roman Goddess Pomona, goddess of orchards and fruit trees. With the establishment of orchards in the area the school began in 1887. The original school building still remains as an administration room.

The school is a vital part of the friendly village community of Pomonal. In 2017 there are seven staff, consisting of one principal who currently oversees two schools, two full time teachers, effective full time (EFT) 0.6 business manager, EFT 0.2 art teacher, EFT 0.05 language teacher and EFT 0.2 teacher devoted to intervention student support.

Pomonal School is part of the Grampians Cluster of Small Schools. The four schools involved support each other, share group days, sport and camping activities and curriculum initiatives for teachers.

The Pomonal/Halls Gap playgroup is based at Pomonal School and hold regular weekly playtimes for pre-school children.


Welcome Pack to Pomonal Primary School

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Latest Newsletter:

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Pomonal Art Show & Festival:

What's On: Auction night, Art Exhibition, Live Music, Markets, Food Vendors, Jumping Castles and more
Dates: 2nd and 3rd September 2017
Venue: Pomonal Hall
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PomonalArtShow/
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Pomonal Primary School Landscape Concept:

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Photo of front of Pomonal Primary SchoolPhoto of Pomonal Primary School childrenPhoto of Pomonal Primary School Art WallPhoto of Pomonal Primary School children