Front of Pomonal Primary School

Pomonal Primary School (PPS), established in 1874, is a small rural school located at the base of the Grampians nine kilometres south of Halls Gap. Students come from the vicinity of the township of Pomonal. Enrolments are currently 31 students. In 2017 students are located in a junior/senior class (16 students) and middle class (15 students).

In 2017 there are seven staff, consisting of one principal who currently oversees two schools, two full time teachers, effective full time (EFT) 0.6 business manager, EFT 0.2 art teacher, EFT 0.05 language teacher and EFT 0.2 teacher devoted to intervention student support.

The curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum with an emphasis on English and Mathematics. The school has non-negotiable explicit teaching time of ten hours English and five hours Mathematics per week, Years P-6. With small class sizes, children are provided with one on one support and an individualised approach to teaching and learning. English and Mathematics intervention is provided, currently with identified students withdrawn from class to work with a dedicated intervention teacher. There is an integrated approach to learning within agreed classroom lesson structures and routines. Specialist programs include an art and garden program, music and physical education. Chinese is the current language other than English taught Years P–6. Sports days, excursions, incursions, swimming program, camps, sleepovers, involvement in the Grampians small rural primary schools cluster and leadership programs for Years 5–6 students complement classroom activities.

Extensive grounds include an oval, tennis court, volleyball court, adventure playground, bmx track, cubby house, sand pit and a variety of garden spaces used for learning. Interactive whiteboards are utilised in both classrooms which are equipped with computers and iPads. A Polycom unit is used for staff and student collaboration with other schools, particularly for staff professional learning.

A local playgroup operates fortnightly on site, co-sharing school facilities.

PPS welcomes the active support of parents, carers and the local community with school council and classroom support. Parent and community participation is encouraged and highly valued with many opportunities to become involved in school activities.

In a warm and nurturing environment students are encouraged to be curious, enthusiastic and self-motivated learners assisted by integrated modern technology.

The development of leadership skills and independence is an important focus for each individual along with a respect of the natural environment.

Students develop an appreciation of the close community in which they live and are supported to be active members of their community and the wider global community.

Image of Pomonal Primary School Outdoor Playgroup


Pomonal School should be a place of learning where everyone in the school community feels a sense of belonging. Where respect, responsibility and persistence are our key values-
The following understanding were contributed by the senior students
For yourself- Mental and inner strength- to stand up for yourself. (self-confidence)
For others-Show  tolerance and acceptance. To be caring, compassionate, comfort and accept comfort. Imagine what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Individuals do make a difference.

For yourself and your actions. Be dignified, disciplined and honest.

Do not give up, be brave and accept the challenges life and learning put to you.