Child Safety Poster (pdf, 67kbs)

Bpay policy (pdf,147kbs)

Child Protection Reporting policy (pdf, 207kbs)

Child Safe Code of Conduct policy (pdf, 191kbs)

Child Safe policy (pdf, 208kbs)

Internet Banking policy (pdf, 305kbs)

Investment policy (pdf, 215kbs)

Philosophy policy (pdf, 237kbs)

Care arrangements for ill students policy (pdf, 987kbs)

Accident Incident Notification policy (pdf, 286kbs)

Bullying and Harrassment policy and procedures (pdf, 799kbs)

Camps and Excursions policy and procedures (pdf, 517kbs)

Council SO policy (pdf, 427kbs)

Head Lice policy (pdf, 96kbs)

Council Sub Committees TOR policy (pdf, 48kbs)

Anaphylaxis management policy and procedures (pdf, 353kbs)

Distribution of Medication policy (pdf, 553kbs)

Internet and ICT use policy and guidelines (pdf, 67kbs)

Onsite supervision policy (pdf, 223kbs)

Policy Tracker (pdf, 355kbs)

School Purchase Card policy (pdf, 291kbs)

Utilising Community Facility policy (pdf, 122kbs)

Volunteer Workers policy (pdf, 197kbs)